STEAMing into Ringwood Public Library

STEAM Newsletters:

Answers to January Newsletter

Answers to February Newsletter

Current STEAM Exhibits at the Library:

Want to know what's inside a computer?
Come to the library's STEAM area to find out. We took apart a computer and have all the parts on display!

How does the classic Drinking Bird work?

There is a scientific reason that this bird is endlessly dipping for a drink!

Follow this link to find out.

Galileo's Themometer
Did you know? Although the Galilean Thermometer was named after Galileo, he did not invent it!
Find out more about it here.
Do it at home: Follow this link for density experiments you can do in your kitchen!

Things to do in our STEAM area:
  • Learn about and play with Simple Machines!
  • Feb. 11 is National Inventors Day. What would you invent? Draw a picture of your idea for an invention and we'll put it on our STEAM bulletin board.

More about Vaping

See Science News for Students about how vaping may threaten brain immunity.

Save the Date!

March 22-23
At Ringwood Public Library!
Thank you to the New Jersey State Library and the PSEG Foundation for funding our BRAND NEW 3D PRINTER! Click below for more information:

Want to see your design in print? Click here for details on our 3D Design Contest.

Careers in STEM

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the highest growing STEM careers are in the field of mathematics. Click the graphic below to go to their website.