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How does the classic Drinking Bird work?

There is a scientific reason that this bird is endlessly dipping for a drink!

Follow this link to find out.

Galileo's Themometer
Did you know? Although the Galilean Thermometer was named after Galileo, he did not invent it!
Find out more about it here.
Do it at home: Follow this link for density experiments you can do in your kitchen!

In the News

3D Printed Heart

Painting with Light

Make STEAM students "Painting with Light," using LED lights and long exposure photography.

Earth Day is April 22!

Go to for articles about conservation and environmental science from the journal Science.


Measure that!

Don't you hate it when something's measured using the metric system? In the U.S., our customary units of measurement are based on Britain's imperial system. We measure in pounds, feet, and cups, whereas most countries use the International System of Units (SI) and measure in grams, meters, and liters. Scientists also use SI measurements, so that their work is standardized and easy to communicate and compare around the world.
Sometimes, it easy to compare measurements: a quart is similar to a liter, and a yard is similar to a meter. But other comparisons are harder to picture, such as with temperature. In the U.S., we measure temperature in Fahrenheit. The metric system uses Celsius. Here are some conversion equations to help you figure out the difference:

So, if your friend tells you it's 72°C  outside today, would you believe him? Why or why not?