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This Month's STEM Display

Rocks and Minerals Collection

Come in to our STEM area this January and learn how to identify rocks and minerals. View librarian Heather's collection of rocks and minerals and try your hand at identifying some specimens. Also, learn why coal is neither rock nor mineral!
Check out these links for more information:

Space Junk!

We're polluting outer space.

Since humankind's first foray into space, we have been polluting it. Most of what is floating in space is from rocket launches and satellites. Used rocket stages, debris from explosions, paint flakes, and tools lost during space walks are all objects that can be found beyond our atmosphere. Most of the particles are between 1 mm and 10 cm. But, at the high speeds they travel in space, they pose a collision threat to manned space craft. Scientists are working on ways to clean up space. Read more about it here: 
Watch a simulation of the debris orbiting Earth by the European Space Agency here:

AC or DC?

Thre are two types of currents used for electricity:
Alternating Current and Direct Current.
The flow of electricity in a DC system is one-directional. In AC, the flow of energy alternates. Thomas Edison was the developer of the DC system, which is simpler. Nikola Tesla developed the AC system, which is more efficient.

Confused about Recycling?

Check out these websites to learn how to recyle properly:
EPA website
See Ringwood's graphic about what we can recyle at the town's recycling center.

Resources for learning how to code

Interested in learning how to program computers and robots?
Try these apps, websites and kits: Kits are required. We have the Code Speaker kit available for check-out at the library!
Grasshopper: app available in Google Play and Apple App stores.
Hopscotch: app available in the Apple App store.
Tynker: app available in the Apple App store.

Science-to-go Kits

We currently have kits available to check out for Ringwood residents.
Choose from Code Speaker, the Circuit Maze Game, Snap Circuits Jr., the Optics Creator kit, Simple Machines, and K'Nex.
Look for information about them in our STEAM area!
Ask how to check them out at the Circulation Desk.

3D printing is here!

You design, we'll print it!
Check out some hints for designing and printing here.
Check out our Printing Policies here.
Print a Request for a 3D Print-out form here.