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Naturalist Scavenger Hunt

Grab a sketch book or a camera and head outdoors! If you've got a magnifying glass or binoculars, bring them too! Search for items that can be descibed in the following ways. Send us your pictures - we'd love to share them! Look for items that is or has...
  • heavy
  • light
  • hard
  • soft
  • wings
  • legs
  • pink
  • yellow 
  • white
  • green
  • red
  • orange
Use some of these Hoopla resources to identify what you've found:
Identifying Trees of the East
Identifying Animal Tracks
Butterflies Backyard Guide
Northeastern Birds Backyard Guide

Earth Science Topics

Find all sorts of weather topics including videos and simulations at SciJinks by NOAA.
Check out these particular topics:


Did you miss Space Camp last summer?

Try some of these activities to celebrate May the 4th!

If you didn't make it to Space Camp last summer, you can try it at home! We're providing you with a modified version of the curriculum we used for the camp. These lessons and activities are taken from a variety of online sources and require as much or as little of your academic effort as you wish to use! 
Find the curriculum here. Then, send us pictures of your own camp!



You can create a whole new world!

Ever wonder how the rides in Disney are developed? 
It takes many different creative people to make Disney's rides come alive. To create the whole worlds that these rides are based on, it requires the work of mechanical engineers, costume designers, sculptors, architects, artists, mechanics, robotic engineers and so many more!
It takes a lot of trial and error t
o get characters to move realistically and scenery to be accurate. The Engineering Design Process in is used daily at Disney!
You can learn all about how it's done and even create your own world at Disney's Imagineering-in-a-box.