Welcome to Ringwood Public Library's new website!

    Thank you to the Friends of Ringwood Library for funding it.
    A special thank you to Tech Services Supervisor Laura Henderson,
    Board Treasurer Heather Manley Caldwell,
    Librarians Wendy Sandford and Kristine Gubbins,
    and Dale Dormody of Piper Mountain Webs, LLC,
    who made this possible.

    In the top left hand corner of each webpage,
    you will see the black and white rendition of our new logo
    kindly created by local Artist Tara Conway.
    A larger color version is displayed on the previous rotating screen.
    This vision of our library was first conceived,
    as a love for the beauty of our library
    from within its windows,
    and a nod toward the bountiful nature that
    surrounds us throughout our scenic community.

    With the launch of our website,
    you will see more frequent updates,
    and you'll become better acquainted with our 
    Staff, Board, Friends & Volunteers.
    We'll progress by improving upon what we have started, 
    making our virtual library more user friendly, 
    inviting you to join us in our physical library,
    thoughtfully cared for by the Borough of Ringwood.

    Elise Bedder, Library Director